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Higham Village
Higham is situated in the Borough of Pendle in East Lancashire, on the south side of Pendle Hill between the towns of Nelson and Padiham.  Over the years Higham has changed from an agricultural base into industry and it is now largely a commuter village.

In Roman times, Higham occupied a position midway between the Roman camp at Ribchester and the Roman colony at Colne. An old Roman road, now a country lane, runs along the top of the village, but was once the 'Highway of the Legions'.  The Saxons followed and left some evidence of their passage, not least the name.  Higham comes from two Saxon words: Heg (High) Ham (small place/village)

The manor house Higham Hall was built in 1327 and the Halmote Court was held there twice a year.  By the middle of the 19th Century, the Court moved to the Four Alls Inn, from where the The Halmote Court (though shorn of its old powers) continued to be held in Higham until the early 20th century.

Ariel Photograph Courtesy of Higham Parish Council Website.
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