Higham Hall Rd, Higham

Burnley, Lancs, BB12 9EZ

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Built in 1792 the Four Alls Inn has been at the centre of village life in Higham for over two hundred years. Higham and the Four Alls Inn are mentioned in the infamous Pendle Witch story.   One of the witches, “Chattox” was accused of turning the beer sour at the Four Alls Inn and bewitching the landlord’s son! The Four Alls was also the headquarters of the “Balloon Juice Company” which was a 'club' of locals, who met to drink and talk. The group was run as a company with an AGM and directors, and the sign remains to this day. The Pendle Witches... The Balloon Juice Company The name “Four Alls”  denotes:   The King rules for all  The Priest prays for all  The Soldier fights for all  The Ordinary Man pays for all  The four characters are shown on the well known sign above our door . In 1974 the The Founsmen (also a club of locals) was founded and headquartered at the Four Alls and is still going strong!